Love Lesson

The title might suggest this post is about romantic love but you would be wrong ūüôā . ¬†A lesson that I am learning is to love one another no matter what. ¬†In John 13:34 it says¬†A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.¬†

Jesus loves us no matter what we go through or even how we treat him. But we as humans tend to cut the love off once offense has happened. We love based on what is done for us and what is done to us.  I am learning this is not how Christ wants us to love. He wants us to love our neighbor as we love our self. Sometimes we do not love easily because we do not love who we are. We need to learn to love and be happy with who God has designed us to be. 

Now I am not saying this is easy. But spend some time today and ask God” Do I really love like you want me to?” You may be¬†surprised¬†at the¬†answer that he will give you.¬† Let the offense go. Yes people may and will do things that are not good to you but learn to love them like Christ loves us.¬†




Lately as I get on to twitter or even pinterest I am constantly bombarded by posts on how to get healthy or how to achieve the perfect abs. Yes I am all about being healthy and taking care of the temple that is our body but have we become obsessed with looking a certain way. I feel that society has skewed perception of how a woman/girl/young lady is supposed to look. So often we are consumed by what we dislike on the outside that we neglect to work on the inside. The inside is our heart, our thoughts, mindset etc.. We allow negative thoughts to creep in and change how we view ourselves. We choose to believe what the world says instead of what Jesus says. In Psalms 13:14 the bible says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God created you!! You are not Junk. You are a masterpiece.. So today if you are struggling with Images and how you see yourself. Look to God. Dig into his word allow him to speak over you today..

The Big Picture

Today has been a day of refection for me.  Sometimes you need to think about where God has brought you from in order to see where you are going.  This past year a lot  of changes have occured and they have not always been easy but as I look back I can see they have been God ordained. So today if you find yourself questioning why things are happening remember there is a plan bigger than you can see. If I can share another bit of advice is spend time with him.  Make sure its quality time.  Also stay accountable to the ministry that God has placed in your life for they watch for your soul.

Screenshot_2013-03-12-18-09-07    One of my favorite songs right now. It is a must have.






Glitter, Tutus, and Jesus

This past week I was able to be apart of a life changing ¬†conference. It was held at our district campgrounds. My amazing Pastor’s wife was heading up the conference along with the help of district ladies board. I have helped out and served at many district events before but this time I was able to work more behind the scenes. This I am thankful for because in doing so I was able to get some much needed lessons about the ministry. See when working these type of events one must lay down your own personal agenda and focus on the people who are attending. This may involve less sleep, skipped meals, ladder climbing, getting burned with hot glue , and praying your face off ..
These girls came with many needs in their lives. It was amazing to watch God work and change them. This conference is a must need for this age group of girls. These girls struggle with self esteem, idenity issues, etc.. they need a place where they can come and get great teaching to impact them to be a better young woman of God.

I was thankful for the oppurnity to serve and just be apart…

This was a set up and my view from the media station.


This is one of my favorite girls. We had amazing TuTus for the after party.


I got the privilage of reconnecting and forming some new bonds with the amazing savannah girls.


My amazing Pastor’s wife. Through all the tests and trials over the past few years she has stood by me and loved
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G.E.M.S 2013


This year I am so excited to come back and help at this wonderful conference. I had the privilege of being a chaperon for 2 years but now I am going to help out in whatever I am needed. This conference is amazing. It is helping young girls find their identity in Christ and not what the world says. It has classes, church services, and even a formal banquet. I will post pictures and share highlights when I get back.

The Beginning

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a very long time. I just never got around to doing it. So here we GO!!! I hope that sharing part of my journey through life will help and inspire people.